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Insurance coverage is a significant component of the maritime shipping industry. Insurance providers often face inflated claims for damaged products and late delivery. If you are responsible for retaining local legal counsel to protect your insurance company’s rights in a marine insurance property damage or cargo claim in South Florida or the Gulf Coast, Gunther Legal, PLLC, is ready to help.

Our attorneys and professional staff have helped us become one of South Florida’s premier maritime insurance litigation law firms in the areas of marine insurance, property and cargo claims. Our attorneys use in-depth knowledge of federal law to protect the rights of individual vessel owners in property damages claims as a result of negligent services or labor received from boatyards, vessel collisions, manufacturing defects and disputes with insurance companies. We represent insurance carriers in claims for maritime property and maritime cargo operations. Further, we represent insurance providers covering freight and cargo companies, and we represent vessel owners. Our attorneys also litigate and defend Limitation of Liability actions. Our maritime attorneys offer clients more than 40 combined years of experience across a full range of marine liability insurance litigation areas, including:

  • Repair work litigation
  • Private yacht property damage
  • Charter boat property damage
  • Passenger personal injury claims
  • Weather damage litigation
  • Cargo insurance damage disputes
  • Limitation of liability actions

Our lawyers work closely with our clients, keeping them informed and in control of decisions regarding the outcome of their litigation matter. Call our offices in Fort Lauderdale at 954-556-1470 to arrange an initial consultation. We represent national and international businesses in the marine industries operating in South Florida and Gulf Coast ports.