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Gunther Legal’s boutique practice includes a focus on commercial law and litigation. We provide quality and efficient services to meet the legal needs of businesses throughout Florida. Our lawyers have decades of experience representing large and small businesses, insurance carriers, and high net-worth individuals in both state and federal courts. We handle cases ranging from routine business disputes up to complex litigation with damage exposure in the tens of millions of dollars. Our commercial litigation practice includes resolution of business disputes; maritime vessel charters; breach of warranty claims; boatyard disputes; breach of contract; product liability; unfair and deceptive trade practices; tortious interference with business relationships or contracts; subrogation claims, fraudulent misrepresentation; and more.


Gunther Legal understands that business disputes and litigation can be costly and highly disruptive for clients, but simply waiting and failing to adequately protect legal interests can be devastating to a client’s business. We offer a variety of fee structures including competitive rates compared to large national firms, contingency agreements, and hybrid contingency structures to work with clients to develop a legal strategy that best supports their business and financial goals while providing outstanding legal services. Many large national law firms have huge overhead expenses that are passed to the client, our fees are competitive and the savings are passed to the client. Under a contingency-fee basis, a clients will not pay any legal fees unless we successfully obtain a recovery in the clients’ case. Finally, under a hybrid contingency structure, the client is responsible for a lower hourly rate and lower percentage of a successful recovery. 

Complex litigation

In complex commercial litigation, it is important to have a plan and explore the risks and costs associated with potential causes of actions against parties. We have experience in advising businesses and clients in presuit negotiations, litigation, defending the clients through development of proven defense strategies, evaluating potential crossclaims and counterclaims, and updating the client with a detailed and clear view of the litigation landscape. 

Business litigation

Businesses of all sizes and industries face potential litigation or disputes, and we provide our clients with a critical understanding of legal implications. While litigation may be avoided to resolve a dispute, it can also become necessary, and we provide legal assistance to formulate a strategic and informed approach to secure a favorable resolution as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Contract disputes

We have represented local businesses and multinational Fortune 100 companies in breach of contract claims, real estate purchase and development agreements, construction agreements, and other commercial contracts.

Subrogation & assignment of claims

When an insurer pays out a covered claim under an applicable insurance policy, then the law generally provides a right of subrogation to the carrier. We’ve represented national insurance carriers throughout Florida in subrogation matters and recovered significant amounts of money under both hourly and contingency fees models. The policies included auto, HO3, and commercial insurance policies

Many times a business or client may find it beneficial to settle a dispute with another party and accept an assignment of claims as part of that resolution. In addition to our subrogation practice, we pursue assignment of claims through presuit negotiations and litigation.  

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